Conditions treated by osteopathy: An exploration of therapeutic applications

    Osteopathy is a complementary health care approach that focuses on musculoskeletal manipulation to promote overall health of the body. Osteopaths treat a variety of conditions,...

    Feminine Wellness Zone


      Evolving Balance: Shifting the Center of Gravity During Pregnancy

      Shifting the Center of Gravity: The increase in abdominal mass during pregnancy results in a forward shift in the center of gravity. This movement aims to maintain balance despite the additional weight in the front of the body. Reasons for Change: The growth of the fetus and uterus is the main reason for...





          Osteoarthritis of the fingers

          When osteoarthritis develops in a joint, the cartilage becomes irregular, rough and loses its thickness and the bone underneath thickens. The bones at the edge of the joint grow outward, called "spurs", and excess synovial fluid may be produced, causing the joint to swell. This will make it difficult to perform normal tasks and will cause the surrounding muscles to weaken. If severe osteoarthritis is present, the spurs will grind against each other during movement. This can, over time, change the shape of the joint creating a deformity.

          Sporting Wellbeing Corner


            Harmonious Swing: Optimize Your Performance with Osteopathy

            Introduction Lower back pain is the predominant concern among golfers, affecting approximately 30% of them. This common problem can be attributed to several factors, including overuse, excessive practice and poor swing mechanics. Understanding the origins of this lower back pain in the context of golf allows us to adopt preventive approaches and...



              The Beneficial Contribution of Osteopathic Techniques to Alleviate the Physical Discomfort Associated with COVID-19: Economic Impact and Perspectives for...

              Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant challenges to the physical and mental health of individuals globally. Among the many aspects of combating the virus, osteopathy is emerging as a complementary approach that could play a significant role in managing the physical discomfort associated with COVID-19. In this article, we will explore...